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Youth of 7Hills

Jordan has been the shore for many waves of migration since the establishment of the kingdom in 1921. Amman, the capital, hosts the biggest percentage of the population, with more than 30% of its residents under the age of 18, and an immense lack of public spaces and free recreational outlets.

In 2014 Amman's young skateboarding community collaborated with their international peers and successfully crowdfunded for the construction of the city's first public skatepark in downtown Amman, the 7Hills Skatepark. Two years after the construction, a free skateboarding program was created to reach youth from the surrounding areas, in addition to migrant youth from farther areas.

Since its creation, the skate program has attracted youths from different communities in Amman. The park currently hosts an average of 170 kids a week. on any given weekend one might find Jordanian, refugee, and expat children skating together in the park. 7Hills not only became a home for Amman's skateboarding community; but also a sample of the culturally diverse population that will constitute the people of Amman in the near future.

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